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Accidental Occurrence will be shown in film festivals throughout 2017. Please type your name and email if you want to get updates about this project in the future! Your email will not be shared or sold to anyone.



Accidental Occurrence will be sold as a hypermedia art piece to museums, cultural institutions, and/or collectors. Each Accidental Occurrence copy sold will be “hardwired” to a unique USB drive. This means that the programs will only run from their assigned USB drives; if the programs are copied to other media, these will not work.

Accidental Occurrence - Modular Reconstruction Program

This is the main program that creates endless versions of the film. It allows viewers to control the different variations in the following ways:

  • Establishing the length of the rendered film (from 5 minutes to 70 minutes)

  • Select one of 7 different combinatorial editing approaches


Accidental Occurrence - Standalone Exhibition Program

The standalone exhibition program presents a different film after the next until stopped. The program’s objective is to facilitate the exhibition of the film, and its reconstruction features, in a physical space where an audience can experience as many variations as desired. The user/exhibitioner has the ability to set the parameters of the ongoing reconstruction and presentation of the film, and if the rendered films should be saved or discarded.


Accidental Occurrence - High Definition Media (29 GB)

This is the media at its highest quality for remixing/re-editing. AO's media have the Creative Commons Attribution and Share-Alike licenses. More information here.


Technical requirements

Accidental Occurrence runs on Macintosh computers with OSX or higher, 4 GB of RAM or higher, and Quicktime (most Macintosh computers have this software by default).


* There’s a direct relationship between a computer’s amount of RAM and the processor speed, and how fast the program can render a version of the film.


** Accidental Occurrence programs for Windows systems are included in the USB drive; however, they will only run on Windows computers with Quicktime installed. Apple has discontinued support for Quicktime on Windows operating systems and, these days, it is quite difficult to install it on a Windows 10 machine. For this reason, we cannot guarantee the proper functioning of the application on a Windows PC.

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